Moments in time, captured thoughts.
February 2nd 2021 – 18:17
Pattering rain, steadily increases its pressure and speed against the skylight in my study. The cold creeping its way in, teasing my body as the chill almost required a jumper. I had sat down to open my fresh set of pastels, barely touched, beautifully preserved. I am glad to hear the rain, to know that the snowstorm that hit last night isn’t staying for long. I’m content in my glum feeling. I had sat down to draw clouds. Maybe I should still do that. Does it really matter that I haven’t got the colour shaper tool – size 10 flat soft chisel. I can do without that until it arrives. A few clicks after my realisation of the missing tool, and I’ve got one on its way to me. I wonder how long we will marvel at the speed in which we can spend money and acquire items. But right now, I can’t seem to shift this irritated mood, I’m not sure if I even am irritated – am I just procrastinating from sitting down and drawing by writing about my feelings instead of drawing them. Well. That was a thought from 2nd February. Written from my yellow study hung with fairy lights, to bring the warmth that the outside isn’t bringing in. Let’s see where I get. 
Train thoughts - date unknown.

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